Your Social Secretaries are very excited to announce details for the upcoming Club Day, on Saturday 4th September. 

Following a year in which we’ve been prevented from gathering as one big LHC group the aim of this year’s Club Day is to keep things simple and facilitate some good old fashioned catch ups. 

During the day there will be:

  • Intra-club matches throughout the day on both pitches at Weetwood (below for timetable). 
  • The 4pm top pitch slot is set for the much anticipated exhibition match between the famous LHC ‘Invincibles’ old boys and some far more youthful opposition, led by Sam Mawer. It’s set to be hilarious.
  • BBQ food of multiple varieties and drinks from the View Bar.- Plenty of chances to have a catch up with all your hockey friends.
  • Opportunities to heckle the same hockey friends whilst they play.
TimeTeam 1vTeam 2
Pitch 1 Timetable

TimeTeam 1vTeam 2
16:00Junior GirlsvJunior Girls
Pitch 2 Timetable

If you would like to take part in Club Day, please sign up using this form.

There will also be a designated meeting place (in Headingley or Town TBC) for an evening of continued socialisation.

In addition there will be a Saturday Night Lights game for the LS16 Jug against Leeds Adel. You can sign up to be in the Mixed Team here which the Saturday Night Lights team will be picked from.

We’d love to see as many of you as possible throughout the day. If you have any questions please email [email protected] or speak with Torq, Mel or Barney when you see them next.