Please find below a letter from Torquil Hall, Social Secretary, Leeds Hockey Club

Good evening everyone,

You may be aware of the upcoming Club Day on Saturday 04 September. In advance of the big day I’d like to take the opportunity to outline my vision and highlight some of the fun. 

The key information you actually need to read is: 

  • Bring a blue and white shirt, in case your team captain doesn’t have an away kit bag.
  • Food will be provided in the form of a good old-fashioned BBQ. Meat, non-meat, no animal of any kind, we will cater for everyone. Head Chef will be Heather and having eaten a bacon sandwich at her house I can confirm she can cook. 
  • Hockey all day and with a jolly fixture at the end for us all to watch together
  • Further beers to be had afterwards. Meet at Woodies on Otley Road at 7:30pm. Tables are not booked but we’ll make it work. I’ve had confirmation from various captains and coaches regarding attendance. Even the Men’s 1XI are going to come back from their away match for beers later in the evening, so there’s set to be a big group of us!

In-terms of actual hockey we have the fixture times included below for reference. If you haven’t already please sign up here. That said, if you decide last minute you want a game, or know of someone who can’t be bothered to sign up just get them down and we will be able to accommodate, so long as the teams aren’t already full. 

For those who would like to watch some actual good hockey there will be plenty of opportunities. The Women’s 1XI vs. Women’s 2XI at 14:00 on pitch 1, as but one example. 

Alternatively, if you would prefer to laugh at some middle aged men trying to relive the old days of glories past I have just the thing for you…

The top pitch 4pm slot has been reserved for a match pitching the famous (almost mythical?) Invincibles Team against the relatively unheard of ‘Mythbusters’. It is a fixture billed as possibly one of the least cool social events since I hosted my 14th birthday at York Railway Museum. That said, it’s set to be far, far more entertaining for spectators (well, they do have a Flying Scotsman at the museum, so depending on how much you like trains…).

I took the time to speak to both captains for some pre-match trash talk but there’s only so many ‘middle-aged man who’s knees are shot’ cliches I can be bothered typing into one letter, or you guys are likely to be bothered to read. Sam Mawer did write a player profile for every single one of his team, at my request – apologies all your efforts have gone to waste, Sam. 

I really encourage you to hang around for the final match with a beer and some food. Heckling is actively encouraged, and my hope is that it can get us all ready for heading into town for further enjoyment (Woodies at 7:30pm).

So, see you there. You’ve had 18 months to sit inside being bored. Come speak to some people and play hockey. 

Kind Regards,


Torquil Hall

[email protected]

P.S. More information regarding Club Day, including a full timetable, can be found here.

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