Since mid January members of LHC have been testing the private Beta iOS app for ClubBuzz. Now they have asked us to invite the whole of LHC to test and feedback on the app.

iOS App

ClubBuzz for iOS will be available for all iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 15 or later. The ClubBuzz app is a new way to interact with your club for both members and administrators.

The app has the full functionality of the website, as well as some exclusive features, such as the ability to use Apple Pay, send push notifications to your member devices, and an incredible built-in chat service (more on that later).

If you’d like to take part in the beta, just go to this link on your iOS device and follow the instructions:

The whole club is invited to take part in the beta.

To see the full rundown of ClubBuzz on iOS. Visit this page

What about Android?

This is currently in the alpha stage of testing. If you want to be an early beta tester for the Android app, please contact Ed Richardson via [email protected]. You will then be added to the waiting list. Their aim is to have the Android app lunched in time for the 2022/23 season.

To send feedback to ClubBuzz:

To raise a bug or feedback on the app, you can do this through the TestFlight software. By either clicking “Send Beta Feedback”, or by taking a screenshot on the app.

To raise a bug or feedback on the chat app. You can do this through a support ticket on your club’s site.

To install ClubBuzz on IOS: 

  1. Click here
  2. Click “View in App Store” on Step 1 to Install TestFlight
  3. Come back to the link and click “Start Testing” in Step 2 to accept the ClubBuzz Beta invitation. 
  4. Click Install.