You are receiving this email because you told us that you wanted to play summer league this year.

We can now share with you the plans for the LHC Summer League 2022.

As with last summer the games are mixed gender and mixed ability, from performance players to juniors starting senior hockey. All games will be played on Wednesdays with either a 7pm or an 8pm start time. Games will cost £5 per session. We have not split teams by playing position because its summer! Why not try playing somewhere new?

We are waiting on Sports Park Weetwood to confirm which pitch we are using.

We have set up a webpage on the club website with links to the rules, squads, fixtures, results and the league table. You will need to be logged into the club website to view the page. The link is https://www.leedshockey.co.uk/seniors/socials/summer-league-2022/

You can also find out which squad you are in by going to the ‘My Teams‘ page under the My Player menu when logged into the club website. At the moment each squad has 13 or 14 people in.

At the at the moment, we only have five goalkeepers available for the eight teams. If we do not get any more sign ups then the keepers will roam between teams and will be asked to play both games in a session.

We will use the club website for availability (just put in when you can’t play in the section called Omissions within the ‘My Profile‘ page) and selection (‘My Selections‘).

The club will provide umpires for this league. The club always needs more umpires so if you would like to have a go at umpiring, please let us know by email [email protected]. Umpires will be paid £10 per game.

We have included some FAQs at the bottom of this email.

If you have any questions regarding the summer league please let us know by emailing [email protected].

If you are having any issues with the club website, please email [email protected].

The LHC Summer Hockey Team

Frequently Asked Questions

For all the links below you will need to be logged into the Club Website to be able to see the page.

(A reminder to check out the Summer League page on the Club Website – https://www.leedshockey.co.uk/seniors/socials/summer-league-2022/)

How do I know what team I am on?
Two options:
1 – Go to https://www.leedshockey.co.uk/my-teams/
2 – Go to the Summer League page on the Club Website and scroll down to Squads

When/Where are my games?
Games will be on Wednesday nights, either 7 pm or 8 pm. Fixtures can be found on the Summer League page of the Website or on the home page of the website.
The pitch is still to be confirmed

How much will games cost?
Sessions will cost £5.
The fee will be added to your Club Account which can be found at https://www.leedshockey.co.uk/my-financial-activity/.
This page shows you what charges to your account are for and will let you pay by card from that page. As it is the summer, if your account tops £20, you will not be eligible for selection.

How will I know if I have been selected?
The captains will be asked to select their team via the Club Website by Saturday lunchtime. The website will then email those selected, possibly following up on Monday with those who have not confirmed.
You will receive an email telling you that you have been selected and asking you to confirm your availability or say you cannot play anymore. Please click the links in the email to tell the system.

A group chat will be set up in ClubBuzz Chat for last minute communications. You can access this via the club website or the ClubBuzz App

Who are the captains?
We are currently confirming the captains but they have been identified on the team sheets on the Summer League Website

I’m playing in the Wednesday Night Adel Women’s Summer League, how will this impact me?

We has spread those who are playing in the Wednesday night league at Adel across the eight teams we have. The Adel Captains will be asked to Share their teams with the LHC Summer Captains to try and avoid double selection

What if I can’t play because I am away or I have work?
That’s fine. It’s the summer and we are all hoping to get away. Just please let us know by creating an Omission on the My Profile page of the website (https://www.leedshockey.co.uk/my-profile/). If you know you will be missing a big block of games, let your captain know so that they can pick you for the weeks you are available.

What kit do I wear?
If you are the home team, a blue shirt, preferably your club one. If you are the away team, please wear a white shirt.

Are there any rule changes to normal?
Yes, you can find the rules here.

You seem to be pointing us to the Club Website a lot. Is there a reason?
Yes, selection, payment and communication are done through the Club Website. Part of the aim of the Summer League is to get you used to using it. If you are having any issues using the Club Website please email [email protected].

Can I turn up if I am not playing?
Of course! The View Bar should be open if you would like refreshments.

My friend wants to play, can they just come along with me?
We are afraid not. Over 120 of you have signed up for this and we are now oversubscribed. If they want to play, ask them to email [email protected] and we will add them to the waiting list. There will also be Thursday night knockabouts!

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