A big loss for Minotaur this week gives some reflection about what the summer league is about. For the Summer League Team, it is about meeting new people, developing our skills and confidence, and having fun. Minotaur kept their heads up and kept playing though injury, heat and many goals against. Well done to them.

On the back of this, we are asking all players to have a think about the games you are playing. If you have a comfortable lead, why not try a new position yourself? We ask that you encourage a less experienced players, young or old, to have a go playing somewhere they usually don’t, and also question what is gained by throwing the ball the length of the pitch or running through six players to score that goal that puts your team 10 goals ahead.

Results from Week 2

Updated Standings

Contacting Captains

If you need to get hold of your captains, please email [teamname]@leedshockey.co.uk. So if you play for Centaur email [email protected], if you play for Yeti email [email protected]. There is also the ClubBuzz Chat function. We are aware that the app notifications are not currently working (ClubBuzz are investigating). The chat can be accessed from the website even on Android devices.


Captains have been asked to send selection emails on a Saturday with a chaser email on a Monday to those who haven’t responded or for a new selection. Please respond to the email by following the hyperlink to tell your captain if you are available or not and allow them to fill your squad of 10.


Your selection email will tell you if you are playing at home or away. If home you will be in blue shirts, if away you will be in white shirts. We suggest you bring both shirts with you just in case. In addition U18 MUST have shin pads and gumshields to play and we recommend that the over-18s do as well.


Please put in Omissions for when you are NOT available. Please put them in as soon as you know as it allows your captain to plan if they are struggling for numbers. If you regularly do not tell your captain that you are unavailable, and you let them know you are unavailable after selection, it is at the captains discretion to not select you if they feel that your data is not accurate.

Omissions can be managed on the ‘My Profile‘ page.


We thank Jon Utley, Sarah Wood, Zac Buck, Steve Parker, Oli Graham, Ed Richardson and Dan Agar-Brennan for umpiring.

We have also had a few others put their names forward to umpire including a few first timers. If you would like to give it a go, please let us know by email via [email protected].


All games will be played on Hockey 1 at Sports Park Weetwood. Feel free to come down early and watch, or stay for a drink in The View Bar afterwards.


Knockabouts have returned! Thursday evenings from 7:30pm until 9pm. Come down and join us if you have a Wednesday off or just fancy having a run around. Again these are played on Hockey 1 and the cost is £4.


For the summer the payment limit has been reduced to £20. Please make sure you keep your balance below this figure. You can check and pay your balance on your ‘My Financial Activity‘ page. Your Summer League captain is told if you are in excess of the limit and you will not be selected to play.

Fixtures for 22 June 2022

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