Plenty of goals this week leaving all to play for going into next week with three teams pushing for second and following Dragon’s first win of the league now leaving Minotaur chasing Phoenix for the top spot.

On a personal note, following two years of organising summer hockey, encouraging a return to the pitch after COVID, I have decided that next year I want to focus more on playing and less on sorting out what is going on. As with a lot of roles within the club, we are searching for volunteers to take on the Summer Hockey Coordination next year. If you think you might want to help with summer hockey, or with any other role, we ask that you fill in this survey.

Results for games on 20 July 2022

The standings after the sixth week

Club Survey

The Club Survey was sent out on Monday. Have your say here. It is open for responses until 08/08/2022.


Most of you will have received the automated email telling you that you have a balance due and quite a few of you are now exceeding the £20 limit for summer hockey. Please make sure you keep your balance below this figure. You can check and pay your balance on your ‘My Financial Activity‘ page.


Please only put in omissions is you are NOT available. Please put them in as soon as you know as it allows your captain to plan if they are struggling for numbers.

Omissions can be managed on the ‘My Profile‘ page.


We would like to thank Adrian Hall, Ed Richardson, Raj Bhogal, Danny Agar-Brennan, Kim Harvey, Sarah Wood and Harry Gunning for umpiring this week.

If you would like to give it a go, please let us know by email via [email protected].


Knockabouts have returned! Thursday evenings from 7:30pm until 9pm. Come down and join us if you have a Wednesday off or just fancy having a run around. Again these are played on Hockey 1 and the cost is £4.

Fixtures for Wednesday 27 July 2022

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