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Your personal data, the club and GDPR

Many of you will have hopefully noticed recently the scores of emails you are receiving from various businesses and organisations about your data. The new Data protection regulations are coming into force on 25th of May 2018, and the club has responsibilities under this legislation. 


You need to understand the data we collect from you, how we hold it and how we will use it. Please note that the club is developing a policy whereby each season you will need to renew your registration details. Anyone that does not renew, will have any data held by the club deleted. This is keeping in line with the GDPR regulations. Secondly it is necessary to obtain your explicit consent in order to 'use' any of your personal data. This is relevant because it extends to the use of your email to send you emails for club purposes. 


Therefore we need you to do a couple of things:


- On the survey link attached, we need you to answer "Yes" to opting into the correspondence from the club. IF you do not do this, then we will not be able to send you details and keep you updated on the happenings.

Even though we are a volunteer organisation, we still have these obligations. Therefore please help us by clicking on the link above and completing this process as soon as possible.



- You also need to understand how the club will use your data. By giving us the data you accept that the club may pass this data on to any applicable organisations. For example, we will pass your data on to Yorkshire Hockey, England Hockey and other related institutions. However we will not pass your data on to anything unrelated to hockey, i.e Marketing companies and the like. 


- Your data will be managed in such a way that only those who need it can access it.  The data will be held by the Club Data Controller (a role currently held by the Communications Secretary. Relevant data will be given to your captain, so that are able to contact you or are aware of any health problems in case of an emergency. 


If you have any questions or concerns about giving the club data, it is important that you talk to us. We are happy to explain how we hold your data and look after sensitive data. We take the responsibility to protect your data very seriously and will be doing everything possible to ensure compliance with the GDPR.