25/09/2022AwayLEEDS U14A v Thirsk Girls U14 A
25/09/2022HomeLEEDS U14B v Harrogate Girls U14 B
08/10/2022HomeHull (T2 CUP)
08/10/2022HomeHarrogate (T1 CUP)
16/10/2022AwayLEEDS U14B v Kingston upon Hull Girls U14
16/10/2022HomeLEEDS U14A v Ben Rhydding Girls U14 A
30/10/2022HomeLEEDS U14B v Harrogate
06/11/2022AwayLEEDS U14B v Driffield Girls U14 A
06/11/2022AwayLEEDS U14A v Sheffield Girls U14 A
20/11/2022HomeBen Rhydding (T1 National Cup)
20/11/2022AwayNorthallerton (T2 National Plate)
27/11/2022HomeLEEDS U14B v Northallerton Girls U14
15/01/2023AwayCity of York
22/01/2023HomeStokesley Ladies
05/03/2023HomeB v Harrogate
19/03/2023HomeCity of York
26/03/2023HomeBen Rhydding
01/08/2023HomeLHC Ball Carry Masterclass
17/09/2023HomeLeeds Girls U14 v Ben Rhydding
24/09/2023AwayLeeds Girls U14B v Thirsk A
24/09/202310:30 AMHomeLeeds Girls U14A v Doncaster A
08/10/2023Leeds Girls U14A v CC1
08/10/2023Leeds Girls U14B v CC1
15/10/2023HomeLeeds Girls U14B v Leeds Adel A
15/10/2023AwayLeeds Girls U14A v Ben Rhydding A
29/10/2023Leeds Girls U14A v CC2
29/10/2023Leeds Girls U14B v CC2
05/11/202312:15 PMHomeLeeds Girls U14B v Ben Rhydding B
05/11/2023AwayLeeds Girls U14A v City of York A
19/11/202312:00 AMLeeds Girls U14B v CC3
19/11/202309:30 AMAwayGirls U14A v Ben Rhydding
26/11/2023AwayLeeds Girls U14B v Wakefield A
26/11/202310:30 AMHomeLeeds Girls U14A v Sheffield Talent Centre A
03/12/202312:00 AMAwayLeeds Girls U14A v Harrogate A
14/01/2024Leeds Girls U14B v CL6
14/01/2024Leeds Girls U14A v CL6
21/01/2024Leeds Girls U14B v CL7
21/01/2024Leeds Girls U14A v CL7
04/02/2024Leeds Girls U14A v CC4
04/02/2024Leeds Girls U14B v CC4
18/02/2024Leeds Girls U14B v CL8
18/02/2024Leeds Girls U14A v CL8
25/02/2024Leeds Girls U14B v CC5
25/02/202412:00 AMLeeds Girls U14A v CC5
03/03/2024Leeds Girls U14A v CL9
03/03/2024Leeds Girls U14B v CL9
17/03/2024Leeds Girls U14A v CC6
17/03/2024Leeds Girls U14B v CC6
24/03/2024Leeds Girls U16B v CL10
24/03/2024Leeds Girls U14A v CL10
14/04/2024Leeds Girls U16A v CL11
14/04/2024Leeds Girls U16B v CL11
27/04/2024Club Champs Finals
27/04/2024Club Champs Final
28/04/2024Club Champs Final

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