For most of the 2022/23 season I have been promising the coming Android ClubBuzz app.

This week, I have received the first Beta version for testing and if you have an Android phone, we would like to enlist your to help with the testing.

The feedback LHC provided around the iOS app led to many changes which have benefited LHC directly. If we can provide feedback on the Android app, it will hopefully lead to the same.

If you want to get involved can I please ask you to fill in this form using the email you use for Google Play and we will pass your details onto ClubBuzz to receive the Beta app.

Some further information on the Beta Stages is included at the end of this email for those who might be interested.

Many thanks


Ed Richardson
ClubbBuzz Administrator
Leeds Hockey Club

Beta Stages

Stage 1 – First Beta Version – Core Member Functions

  • Home Tab
  • ClubBuzz Chat
  • My Player
  • The ability to pay your balance via Card or Google Pay
  • Biometric Settings to secure different parts of your account.

Stage 2 – Second Beta Version – Captains & Coaches Functions

This beta version will introduce the Club tab, as we still want to focus our testing at this stage. Only some functionality of the Club tab will be introduced at this stage. Including:

  • Members
    • Create Members
    • View/Edit Members
    • Change Member Roles
  • Teams
    • Create Teams
    • View/Edit Teams
    • Assign/Remove Players from teams
  • Matches
    • Create Match
    • View/Edit Match
    • Charge Match Fees
  • Applicants
    • Accept/Reject Applicants

This second stage will also provide us with an opportunity to introduce any bug fixes from the first stage.

Stage 3 – Third Beta Version – Coaches & Committee Functions

The third stage will introduce the rest of the functionality from the club tab. Including:

  • Training
    • Create Training Session
    • View/Edit Training Session
  • Events
    • Create Events
    • View/Edit Events
  • Communication
    • Emails
    • Push Notifications
  • Finances
    • View Club Transactions
    • Charge/Credit Members

The third stage will also be our first opportunity to introduce any feature requests and further bug fixes that have been reported in previous versions.