Since the 2019/20 season LHC has operated a ‘Own Shirt’ kit model. We are currently in the process of changing supplier for our Seniors to Stag Sports. Once this has been completed we will have the new links here. In the mean time you can:

Step 1 – Shirt Number
Upon joining the Club as a Senior Member you will be assigned a shirt number from the Club by the Kit Secretary. This is your shirt number and will also act as your Club Number. Email [email protected] if you need one before it is assigned.

Step 2 – Purchasing Your Shirt
When released, visit the Stag Sports website by clicking the button below, select your shirt size.
Stag will have access to your Name and Shirt Number to ensure your shirt is correct.

A sizing chart for Stag stash can be found here.

A sizing chart for the skorts supplied by Stag can be found here. Stag also note that a small is 28/30″

Step 3 – Additional Kit
Leeds Hockey Club wear blue shirts and white shorts for men and navy skorts for Women with blue topped white socks as playing kit.
There is also a large variety of training and leisure wear available from Stag Sports

Step 4 – Wear Your Kit With Pride