In 2016 the Club chose ClubBuzz as a club management system to help collect members information and membership payments as a centralised system. At the time we only implemented these aspects although there were teams trailing it’s other functionality within the system, it was decided not to use the system to it’s full potential.

Following issues with renewals in the 2018/19 system it was decided to break away from ClubBuzz and we returned to managing the data ourselves.

During the 2019/20 season it became apparent to those administering the club that without some kind of assistance to manage the data for the club, we would struggle. Our Communications Officer was tasked with assessing the club management systems available on the market.

Following this assessment, the decision was made to return to ClubBuzz but using their newer version which included a hosted website.

It is the intention of the club to roll out the full functionality of ClubBuzz from communications to data management, from collecting payments to selection of squads.

ClubBuzz or Club Website

Well for the members of the Club they are one and the same. The one place you need to be for all things Leeds Hockey Club. We are able to run the administration through the system (although the aim will be be fully transferred by the 2020/21 season) and we are able to make pages for members only (such as the Club Photo Library) so that only our members can see them.


The system allows us to collect payments by direct debit or credit card, which will allow us to spread membership payments across the season (e.g. memberships across a five month period this season), which was a common theme in the 2020 Club Survey.

When we get back into it, we can also charge for socials, tour and trip fees and anything else required through the system.


As the season progresses, teams will slowly migrated to be selected using the system. There is an availability option within the system so you can let the club know when you are not free and you will be able to confirm your attendance. Your captain will tell you when your team moves across to the new system.

Data Protection

Whilst not the most glamourous subject, your data is safe on ClubBuzz. The Club keeps data such as contact details, emergency contacts and basic medical information to ensure you are safe when you play.

Those who can access your data are limited to those who require it. For example if you were to move up from the Men’s 7XI into the Men’s 4XI, the Men’s 7XI captain will no longer have access to your data.


Returning to hockey with COVID restrictions in place, the system will allow us to collect the registers of those attending training and games, and provide that data to England Hockey as required.

If you have any comments, queries or questions regarding ClubBuzz please email [email protected] and we will try to answer as quickly as we can.

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