After the monsoon hit Weetwood during the 8pm game yesterday we are now hoping you have all dried out.
Throughout the Summer League we will bring you an At A Glance style email with the league table, results and fixtures from the weeks Summer Hockey.
Thank you to all of you who doubled up yesterday. Hopefully going forwards we can avoid that.

Results from Week 1 of the Summer League

And the standings following Week 1


There have been a last minute few minute additions to the teams, although nobody has moved. We are also hoping that we get a goal keeper for every team however two teams (Kraken & Sphinx) at the moment are without.


We now have six captains. They are:
Centaur – Dan Smith
Fenrir – Shannon Davey
Kraken – Josh Sellars
Minotaur – Sophie Studholme
Sphinx – Alex Jones-Gerrard
Yeti – Danny Agar-Brennan

Dragon and Phoenix – We still need a captain from you, or Ed will be picking your teams and that might just work in Fenrir’s favour!


Meet times will now be 18:40 and 19:40 to allow teams to warm up before games. As we found out last night, the lights do go off at 21:00 on the dot. From next week, games will need to start on time to ensure they are played.


The selection system assumes that you are available to play unless you tell it that you are not. You tell it that you are not by creating an Omission in the My Player page. This allows the captains to forward plan for when there are a lot of people unavailable.


You will only receive an email if you have been selected. This email will allow you to confirm that you can play or say that you are now unavailable (Ed.: “In which case, why did you not create an omission?”) The captains can then see who has confirmed or not and can make changes to their team in advance of Tuesday. If you need to drop out after accepting, please let your captain know.


You can see how much you owe the club in the My Financial Activity page. If you wish to pay by card, you can click the Checkout button on this page. Please note we have now turned on the Direct Debit option and collections will start from 01 August 2021.
Please remember if your balance gets to be more than £20, you will not be eligible for selection.


It has been confirmed that LHC will pay umpires for the Summer League £5 per game. If you wish to put your name down to umpire, please fill in this Google Form. We are also offering umpire coaching if you want some pointers / just to give it a try.

Thursday Night Knockabouts

We still have some space for this tomorrow’s knockabout. Sign up here.

Week 2’s Fixtures

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