With three weeks down we can see that Phoenix are at the top of the table with second place hotly contested.

The summer league wouldn’t be going ahead without the hard work of volunteers. As a club we rely on volunteers to keep everything running smoothly from the Treasurer making sure we can operate to the Communications Officer keeping you all informed. With the AGM coming up shortly (Wednesday 13 July) the Club Committee invite you to have a look at their Role Descriptions on the website and speak to any of the current committee about their roles. This week we will have Club Chair, Phil Stubley, coming down and available to chat to anybody who wants more information or how you can volunteer for the club in anyway.

Results for games on 22 June 2022

The standings after three weeks

Contacting Captains

If you need to get hold of your captains, please email [teamname]@leedshockey.co.uk. So if you play for Centaur email [email protected], if you play for Yeti email [email protected]. There is also the ClubBuzz Chat function. We are aware that the app notifications are not currently working (ClubBuzz are investigating). The chat can be accessed from the website even on Android devices.

If you are using ClubBuzz chat, we think the notifications issue has been fixed. Please update the app to the latest version via test flight. You may need to log out and log back in though. ClubBuzz Chat can be accessed here on Android systems.

Selection and Omissions

Another team has been penalised this week for having too many people in their squad for a match. Unless you receive a selection email or you have the game present on your ‘My Selection‘ page, you have not been selected to play. You are more than welcome to come down and support your team if you aren’t selected. We ask that you do respond to your selection emails so that your captain knows you are available and doesn’t pick somebody else.

Please only put in omissions is you are NOT available. Please put them in as soon as you know as it allows your captain to plan if they are struggling for numbers.

Omissions can be managed on the ‘My Profile‘ page.


We only have four goal keepers available for the next few weeks. Those playing have all agreed to double up for this week and next but please bear this in mind.


We would like to thank and congratulate Shannon Davey and Dan Smith who took control of their first summer league games as umpires on Wednesday. We also thank Kim Harvey, Ed Richardson, Steve Parker, Sarah Wood and Danny Agar-Brennan for umpiring.

If you would like to give it a go, please let us know by email via [email protected].


All games will be played on Hockey 1 at Sports Park Weetwood. Feel free to come down early and watch, or stay for a drink in The View Bar afterwards.


Knockabouts have returned! Thursday evenings from 7:30pm until 9pm. Come down and join us if you have a Wednesday off or just fancy having a run around. Again these are played on Hockey 1 and the cost is £4.


Some of you have exceeded the £20 limit for summer hockey. Please make sure you keep your balance below this figure. You can check and pay your balance on your ‘My Financial Activity‘ page.

Fixtures for Wednesday 29 June 2022

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