Your Availability

Last week we highlighted the importance of keeping your data safe. Whilst our current processes for collecting your availability (for the most part, the use of Google Sheets) complies with our processes, ideally we want all of your data to be in one place, on ClubBuzz.


Omissions is the ClubBuzz name for availability. By default the system assumes you are available for all games and training sessions.

To let the system know you, or your child are unavailable, select the desired name from the drop down menu and the dates that you are unavailable (inclusive) and click “ADD”.

The system only registers whole days so if you are not available for an early or late game, let your captain know so that you can be moved to another team if there is a game you could play.

What your coach and captain can see

In the back end of the system, the captains and coaches can see availability for both matches and training sessions. This will help the club plan for weeks of low attendance such as half term when our members often take a well earned rest. This appears to the captain or coach like so:

Here we can see two players who are out injured and one player who is away for the game on February 25

If the system has been told that you are unavailable, your captain or coach will be informed of this on the selection page for a match. If your captain or coach think that this is in error, they can override the system and still add you to a squad.

A short video on the omissions process can be found here.

Next season

Next season availability and selection will all be undertaken through ClubBuzz. We encourage you to start using Omissions now as well as keeping the Google Sheet up to date so you are ready for the Summer Leagues and the 2023/24 season.

As ever, if you have any queries regarding ClubBuzz, please email [email protected]

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