To ensure everybody is included in group chats and that LHC complies with our duties under GDPR we have been moving to ClubBuzz Chat for our group conversations.


In addition to text, you can use Chat share locations of meets/pitches as well as photos which can be shared from your phone or taken in the app.

Who is in a Chat?

Team chats should consist of players in those teams. As such, players will be added to team chats at the start of the season. If you move teams, the Club Captains and the Heads of Junior Hockey have the ability to add or remove players from chats.

As it is the player that is added to a chat, if a parent posts in a chat, the message will be shown from the player’s name.

Safeguarding in Chats

The only personal detail shared by ClubBuzz Chat is the player’s name. Therefore, if a parent allows their child access to the ClubBuzz account, any member of the club can post.

LHC expects our members to conduct themselves in accordance with our Code of Conduct in chats and if you break this, you would likely find yourself answering to your Club Captain, as you would on a Saturday.

The ClubBuzz Admin account is also present in all ClubBuzz Chats to ensure we can comply with the data reporting requirements under GDPR.

Accessing ClubBuzz Chat

ClubBuzz Chat is accessible via your internet browser (desktop or mobile) via, use your usual login details to access. If you have an iOS phone, you can also access your chats via the iOS App, available on the App Store.


We are aware that for Android users there is no app. ClubBuzz tell us that they are nearly ready for Beta testing of their app. If you wish to assist with this, please let us know here.

Until then we suggest bookmarking the Chat website on your homepage although we know the website doesn’t notify you of messages.

Next season

ClubBuzz Chat will be the only instant messaging method LHC uses for group chats.

As ever, if you have any queries regarding ClubBuzz, please email [email protected]

The other Getting to know ClubBuzz emails can be found here.